Recently eating properly has become one of the most interesting and aspects of health. But also it can be a controversial subject. Our conversations today are about:

  • What, when or how much we should eat.
  • What we should not eat.
  • This food is bad for you.
  • This superfood will make you feel like a superhero.
  • Eating 5 times a day or fasting is better for you.
  • Go Vegan, Vegetarian or gluten free.
  • Omega 3, 6 or 9. B12, magnesium, probiotics or coconut oil?

One of my favourite sentences about nutrition and food habits is: “ Eat all kind of foods in small portions “ by the great Spanish doctor Grande Covián. The importance of eating less that what this society eats is crucial for our health.

Another point I like is, “ We are what we eat ” . Our cells are built from the substance that we put inside of our bodies. But not only what we eat but is important but what is the quality of the air we breath and also how we feel and relate with others. We need very little of many things. But how to measure this? Who really knows what is the best for each of us?

“ Let food be your medicine and the medicine be your food ”

This is a very old sentence from one of the fathers of medicine in human history. But today we can take this words even further and include other concepts.

“ All foods can be a medicine but also can be poison “

It all depends on the quantity for each individual,, the quality of the process, on your state of mind while you are eating and the way food has reached your plate. The ethical aspects of the food and our inner awareness while you buy it. But also a way of being more conscious and aware of the connection that we have with other species and nature.

What is good for you is not good for others and sometimes we don´t need to overload our systems with the so-called super foods, supplements, special diets or extra Vitamins, just because your best friend and your favourite model are doing it.

We should not forget the social act. Eating is a ceremony and there are lots of physiological benefits that are hiding in a family meal, a celebration or event or just the fact of cooking for a friend. Enjoying eating is one great step to be a healthier person, enjoy proper eating is what a food professional should offer you: learn how to cook; combine species; take care of the nutrients; or shop / order the best meal for you wherever you are.

Always enjoying the tastes, the flavours, the textures and the different sensations that each food brings to our mouth.

A variety of foods will bring a variety of nutrients and will empower your immune system, helping your intestinal flora to digest better.
How to avoid certain foods and combine the nutrients avoiding supplements eating local foods and non processed meals is a great way to find physical and mental balance in your life.

But the most important is that you have the willpower to do it and keep it up; to experience how this foods affect your body and how you feel. Your body will be ready and safe from colds, infections, headaches, heart pathologies, mental disorders, or even give birth. I strongly recommend you to keep a habit for longer than 3 months to really observe the reactions and changes in your body.

“ Feed your cells with quality food and heal your body and soul with ethical and fare trade products “

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