Yoga has become very popular. We all know that it is not just a physical activity and has so many other propose than just moving your body. Even though, Yoga classes in any places in the world are approximately 95% physical exercises. This is also creating lots of injuries to many of the teachers and students that practice yoga today.

Many studies about Injuries in Yoga are really surprising and this are some of the body parts that injure the most.

  • Wrist
  • knee
  • Low back
  • Hamstrings
  • Cervical
  • Shoulder

Head stands, shoulder stands and lotus pose are the most dangerous group of asanas in this long list. Tendinous lesions, thickness tears, disc extrusion,  fibrocartilaginous tears, broken meniscus and others.

Here are some cues to prevent injuries in Yoga Asana practice before we take care of the physical practice. This points should be mandatory to teach and insist on the students while practicing. They do not require any special knowledge or skills.

-Get to know your limits

-Awareness while moving

-Calm during the practice

-Acceptance in each Asana

-Constant practice

-Good warm up

-Don´t force your body





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