A Yoga “book” in card format, with which you will be able to understand and learn the most important details of the different Asanas, in the simplest way possible.

While you practice placing several cards in different sequences that we propose, you will be able to consult each of the details that are crucial in the technique or alignment of the body. You will also be able to know what part of the energy you are working on and details such as the level of difficulty or the name of the postures in Sanskrit.

In a single glance, you will be able to see the most essential information that you must take into account about each position and other aspects necessary for your daily practice:

  1. The name in Sanskrit and in English.
  2. The muscles that are activated and those that are stretched in each position.
  3. Contraindications.
  4. The difficulty level from 1 to 5.
  5. More subtle details such as the chackra or psycho-emotional aspect that we are working on and the position of the eyes or Dristi that you must adopt in each position.


Click here to download a guide.

I met Fernando through one of the Royal family doctors , Marco Taboada, who was also a patient of Fernando. We are from the same province in the north of Spain so we had long talks and people in common. His knowledge and way of understanding the body helped me so much to give birth to our first daughter Leonor and recover fast to get back to my daily busy life.
Her Majesty Leticia Ortiz
Queen of Spain
I called a good friend in Men’s Health and asked for the best trainer in Madrid. They gave me Fernando’s contact and we started training as soon as my agenda allowed me to. His capacity to train and treat during the sessions was one of my favourite moments of the week.
James Costos
US Ambassador in Spain
The way Fernando understands and works on people’s body goes beyond the popular workouts and gym culture.
Paco Léon
Actor & Director
I Had deeply enjoyed Fernando’s classes. I’m happy to recommend his vinyasa style which is formed by his passion in fluent movements, wide knowledge in anatomy, his creative and dynamic character as well as his deep understanding of the body’s sensitivity and functionality.
Barbara Schmucker
Pilates & Yoga teacher